The following applications of this extraordinary new technology are based on personal experiences of many proud owners of Welz Chi Generators, orgone radionics devices and power radionics programs.

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Plant growth

To enhance plant growth with orgone energy and radionics is easy.  Runes can give additional benefits.  Moreover, you can see the results very rapidly, usually within a few days.  These visible results have been tested time and again by means of double blind scientific methods.  In fact, methods to enhance plant growth with the addition of life force are very ancient.  It is well known that some people have a "green thumb", i.e., anything they put into the ground and take care of grows better than if those plants were cared for by an average person.  Now, you can have equipment that can naturally perform just as well as a person with a "green thumb", and in fact you can do much better.

One of the easiest methods, of course, is the treatment of the water that you use on plants.  It is evident that plants prefer living water, i.e., water that is saturated with orgone energy and optimized by being reverted to its original structure.  You can achieve still better effects with water that is also programmed towards certain desired results such as resistance against specific diseases or pests.  There are correlations between Runes and trees that are interesting in this respect.  A very good method is to use the stick pad of your Rune Radionics™ device so that you can find the best Rune influence for a specific plant. 

Naturally, a week or two of using water that has been saturated with life force on your house plants can give you the evidence that you wanted!

Besides charging the water with life force (Od), you can charge the fertilizers as well.  In addition to that, you can apply life force directly to the plants in question.  Methods used for this purpose vary depending on the equipment used and the size of the area treated.    

Rune Od Generators used for house plants, gardens, small greenhouses and lawn care:  The Hammer Od Generator or better.  Ideally, a radionics device RAD 2000 RU, RAD 2400 RU and the RAD 6 RU to put powerful Rune information into the plant water and seeds, especially when maximizing the magickal effects of herbs and when working on very large areas. For water optimization, ask us about the EPG 2400 AO