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A Gigantic Step into the Future !!!
Wilhelm Reich invented the orgone accumulator, a device that accumulated life force from its surroundings.
Karl Hans Welz invented the Orgone Generator®, the first device on the planet that actually generates life force.

Cosmic Creativity Concepts™

The shortest distance between two points is a structural link™

Now You Can Harness the Creative Energies of the Universe !!!

Rune-Radionics™ Technology
An advanced method of Super-Radionics™ that is
rooted in the numerical system with the base 18:
the 18 Runes of the Armanen Futhork!

   The Super Powers of Creation-Eternal
Trend Management
Sports and Fitness
Successful Mind Control

For those who know, Rune Radionics™ is the
ultimate radionics experience

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The Rune Master Radionics Program: the motor of Your Success!!!
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What is Rune Radionics™? - Devices and Programs

Rune-Radionics™ is Super-Radionics™ !!! This is so, because this type radionics that is rooted in the numerical system with the base 18, which is its operational system: The 18 Runes of the Armanen Futhork. You can find out in our Basic Rune Course and elsewhere that the 18 Runes of the Armanen Futhork correspond to the basis-number of the periodic system, to the natural zodiac of Runes, the the Runic scale of 18 tones in the octave, the 18 edges of the perfect quartz crystal, and to many other natural constants that are rooted in the creative structures of the universe. Therefore, Rune Radionics™ is the way to go for the person who wants to make use of the creative energies of the universe.

Rune Radionics™ adds massive life force (Od, a word for life force that was coined by the famous scientist Karl von Reichenbach) to radionics: This is so, because
The Rune Radionics™ Devices (see our catalog) have built-in Chi Generators® (orgone generators®, generators of life force, or Od) that are built with
Super Orgonite®,
the newest composite material that accumulates, holds and transfers Od (life force, Chi energy, orgone) at much higher speed and efficiency than the classical type orgonite®, which too is an invention of Karl Hans Welz.
The Rune Master Radionics Programs™ are connected with such a Chi Generator®: either with a generator of Od per se or, better, with a Rune Radionics™ device with its built-in Chi Generator® (generator of Od).

This additional massive life force means continuous power driving towards the results that you programmed into your Rune Radionics™ Device and/or into your Rune Radionics™ Program!!!  

Besides securing a continuous flow of life energy, Rune Radionics™ has other significant advantages over all existing, "slightly" traditional, radionics programs and radionics devices. Typically, you find trend and target settings in most radionics programs and radionics devices on the market.  What causes Rune Radionics™ to be very special and far above the crowd are the following facts:

1. The settings of the tuner are combinations of Runes. In other words, the numeric system used for the tuner is not the decimal system, but it is composed of the creative energies of the universe, represented in the octodecimal system (the system with the base 18) of the Futhork Runes.

2. The Rune Radionics™ Program and Rune Radionics Devices have settings in addition to the "Main Trend" and "Main Target" settings, which amounts to a total of 6 stations plus an Od energy transfer function.

The stations of the Rune Master Radionics Program™ and the RAD 6 RU Advanced Rune Radionics Device in detail (see also the screen shot below):

(1) A basic energy ("Basic Action") setting that boosts the trend-to-target connection with the principal energy field which favors the radionics operation in general. Examples: you can use Venus in work concerning relationships, Jupiter for business, Mercury for negotiations, studies and communications, the Rune FA for business that expands, the Rune UR to get the body back to its UR-state (its original state of balance and energy), the Rune THORN to reverse magic - add NOD in the main trend and you can cause instant karma to the attacker, etc.

(2) A main target setting that you use to connect with the person or business that is to be influenced by the operation. Put the picture of the individual into the image box and write the name of the person into the text box underneath the image square.

(3) A main trend setting where you determine the principal action that is expected to manifest. Example: put the "charisma" from the Alphabet of Success into the picture box of the "main trend" when working for general succes in public relations, sales or politics. In the text box specify what the charisma should be used for such as "charisma when dealing with prosepctive clients".

(4) A setting for the trend energy that is exerting an influence upon the environment of the target in order to facilitate a more rapid overall success. Example: in the example of sales success put the Venus square into the picture box. Into the text box write: "An atmosphere of people feeling attracted to each other in friendship."

(5) A setting for an alternative target.  The alternative target is set for another target person in case the main target person cannot be reached for some reason. When working for a relationship, one of the targeted person is in the "main target" position while the other persin is in the "alrternative target position", which, in this case, becomes second target. You can also use this alternative target as a "grounding function".  Using it this way, you can prevent repercussion to the operator in the event when the trend energy cannot reach the envisioned target for reason of interference, blockage, etc. Whenever working on yourself, leave this station empty.

(6) An orgone transfer function that you use to energize the Rune Radionics™ Program by connecting it with a Welz Chi Generator™ or with a Rune Radionics™ Device.

Rune Rates: Creative Energies
The Rune Master Radionics Program's rates are set with the octodecimal numeric system (base 18) of the Armanen Futhork. This connects directly with the creative energies of the universe (CEU).
Stock Filters
The Rune Master Radionics Program™ comes with well over thousand ready-to-use filters for just about every purpose you can imagine and you can also use your own easily created filters or images.

The Rune Master Radionics Program™ is Success Radionics based on Cosmic Creative Energy Concepts !!!

Naturally, this includes ultimate flexibility, adaptability and independently acting creative powers for maximum effectiveness and performance to achieve any outcome that you desire.

Click here for more info on the Rune Radionics™ devices and accessories (Catalog)

Life Force (Od) Makes it All Possible !!!

Welcome to a cutting edge new technology that is designed
to make a difference between average results and 
Total Success !!!

About Rune Radionics™ 

Radionics was first discovered a century ago. It is a technology that involves interaction with the human consciousness. This technology helps you to project at any distance energy (life force) and trends that give inclination to desired effects, or results. We show in the transfer test that distance is irrelevant in your work with radionics. You can use the radionics device to project energy and trends to yourself and to others. This fact makes radionics a powerful tool in your hands, provided that you have the open mind to make use of this extraordinary new technology.

We will show you here that such projection is possible with the help of life force (Od) and structural links, even if such structural links are of a purely abstract nature in the form of radionics settings (setting of the dials of the radionics device), or "rates". In other words: the technology of radionics can now easily be explained as a direct consequence of the characteristics of life force, its transfer at any distance by way of structural links and its negative entropy! In fact, the transfer via structural links is the direct result of negative entropy. Assumptions of an esoteric nature, such as non-measurable "frequencies", "higher planes", "astral energies", "morphogenetic fields" and the like are no longer necessary for a scientific explanation of the amazing effects of radionics or any other action and perception at a distance!

Rune Radionics™ is the logical consequence of this new understanding of radionics:
While the purpose of the radionics device is the establishing of structural links, the purpose of the generator of Od energy (the Chi Generator®) is to provide the radionics device with massive life energy in order to get far reaching results faster, easier, and more effectively than ever before!

This combination of the new Chi Generator® (generator of Od) with the radionics device, i.e., Power Radionics™, opened the door to many new ways to benefit from radionics more effectively than ever before. This is the reason why the new Power Radionics™ Devices, especially the Rune Radionics™ devices, are truly magical tools with near-infinite potential!

Important (the student of Runes knows this already, of course): Sometimes, in the course of your work, you will be introduced to words and techniques that may or may not cause subconscious fears and doubts.  This is so, because the use of life force has had and still has a variety of applications during human history. One of these words is “magick”. Actually, what some people call “magick” is nothing but action at a distance that you can achieve with the help of structural links and life force, i.e., it is functionally identical with radionics and any other action at a distance. Of course, the differences are not in the methods per se. They are in the names that people have given to the methods. It is a well-known fact that such fears and doubts were originally implanted by the same people who used life force technologies extensively towards their own selfish ends. Ignorance was always the safest method to dominate large parts of the population! So we decided to use the word “magick” (and other similar words), sometimes, whenever it is the best one to describe what’s happening when you work to achieve positive permanent solutions.

More Facts About Rune Radionics™ Technology

The Radionics Device or Radionics Computer Program that's powered by a Chi Generator™® (generator of Od energy) is exciting new technology that is designed to help you get an assured technological edge in your personal matters, business dealings, prosperity, sports performance, relationships, and sex!  Best is a combination of the three:  program, radionics device, and Chi Generator®.

While the Rune Radionics™ Devices and computer radionics programs establish structural links, the Chi Generators® (generators of Od) provide the power that's necessary to connect the desired trend energy with the envisioned target.  Consequently, if you feel that you are just falling short of everything, Rune Radionics™ that is boosted with Od can give you this extra assistance that you need to have your dreams and desires come true. 

In the following, we will introduce you to the basic principles, or theory, of this awesome technology first, then we will present you with Rune Radionics™ equipment that is designed according to the most advanced scientific principles and research:  machines and computer programs that are on the forefront of life force technology and radionics.

Rune Radionics™ - How it Works ...

Methods of Action at a Distance - their Common Functioning Principles (CFP)

Magic is action that makes use of
structural links and life force

(Karl Hans Welz, "Magic of the Future")

The three basic factors of any successful action at a distance, including radionics, are:

The Trend Link (representing the planned effect),
The Target-Link (representing the target), and
Life Force!

An operation at a distance that neglects any one of these three basic factors is doomed to fail, regardless of intent, traditionalist connection, spiritual training, and what not! That, and only that, is the reason why some methods do not work, even if the would-be practitioner followed all instructions meticulously.

The Trend-Link

Trend-Links are radionic settings ("rates"), precision frequencies, symbols, sigils, frequency patterns, symbolic objects, devices, incenses, oils, or any other structural representations. They have one thing in common: they establish a connection with a desired effect, or with the desired solution of a problem. Some operators prefer trend-links that represent energies of a more metaphysical classification such as the effects ascribed to planets, elements, etc., all of which represent desired change, or effect. Being representatives of desires, the trend-links are sometimes viewed as modulators of life force (orgone, chi), so that the projected life force field gives inclination to a specific action. The Filters that we offer are typical Trend-Links. The Runes are trend links representing creative energies. for practical purposes you need to specify their action.

Many esoteric traditions teach the preparation of trend-links (“utensils”) of a very complex nature requiring much concentration and elaborate work, especially when the problem to solve is a complicated one. The purpose of this practice is the generation of a thought-form that is attached to the object. Using the Chi Generator® or one of our Rune Radionics™ Devices and/or the Rune Master Radionics Program optimizes the effect of the trend link and feeds the attached thought form with life force and, when you use Runes, with the ultimate flexibility of creative energies. This makes the involved crafting of complicated trend links unnecessary.  

The Target-Link

The Target-Link (often also called “psychic link”) is an object, symbol, radionic setting, etc., that connects with the target of your operation.  This target may be another person or you, it may also be an entity consisting of several persons such as a business. The target-link causes a direct flow of life force (with an attached effect) to the target that it represents.  The diagram that you find on the test for life force transfer is such a target-link.  It connects with a Chi Generator® in our laboratories.  Some practitioners use hair, clothing, photos, etc., of persons that they target. A Rune Radionic™ setting (“rate”, or positions of the dials on the device) that you establish while focusing on the target of your operation is a “frozen abstraction” that serves as a very effective target link.

Important!  Both, the target-link and the trend-link are structural representations of either trends (desired change) or targets of your action.

Actually, when we focus mentally on a person, location, desired effect, etc., our brain establishes a structural link. However, such focusing can have some problems:  namely that we cannot focus to one and the same thing at all times.  This is so, because “moving around” is one of the characteristics of our brain. Long time ago, therefore, practitioners developed methods to “freeze” these structural links. Objects that are prepared with the intent to connect to a specific target, or trend, are such links. Of recent, the radionics device with its “abstract” settings (“rates”) turned out to be an ideal tool for that purpose. More traditional, yet also effective, tools are esoteric and archetypal symbols that (like the setting of radionics rates) have been made with a special intent in mind. Because of the processes of abstraction and focusing that are involved, we label these symbols, radionic rates and objects “equivalent structural links” as compared to the more obvious “near-identical” or “similar structural links”

The Importance of Life Force (chi, orgone, prana, mana, Od) in Rune Radionics™

The characteristics and function of structural links is easy to understand. For life force (Od), distance is result of structural differences. To explain the mechanisms that cause life force (Od) to join a target with a trend, even with structural links coming from abstractions such as the settings of the Rune Radionics™ device or symbols such as Runes, requires more knowledge of the characteristics of Od. Such understanding is still more important if we want to understand why thought forms develop and why they continue to activate a previously set trend in a target (person) after the original operation (radionics or other action at a distance such as Rune magick) has been discontinued.

Certainly, traditional operators knew about this (with the exception of radionics) for thousands of years. This knowledge resulted from their practical experience. Contrary to the average operator of a radionics device, they knew all too well that they had to power their operations with life force if they wanted fast and reliable results. The typical radionics device, on the other hand, could not bring such an effect, mostly because a lack of the necessary life force and, most of the time, the lack of intent due to the ignorance of the traditional radionics practitioner as far as the importance of life force (Od) is concerned. Typically, the radionics device remained turned on until the effect materialized.

With the invention of the Chi Generator® by Karl Hans Welz and his introduction of life force boosted radionics (Power Radionics™), this situation changed dramatically, of course! A radionics operator who works with a Power-Radionics™ device (life force boosted radionics device) can now operate like a traditional practitioner, shaman or magician: Set the radionics device (or the radionics program), run it for an hour or two, allow the thought-form to develop from the radionics operation, turn the device off and wait for the success of the operation. Perhaps repeat several times in intervals of one or more days.

The Theory: Transfer at any Distance, Abstractions as Structural Links, etc.

Here we will explain to you in simple terms how radionics works so that you know why the technology of power radionics™ (life force boosted radionics) is way ahead of traditional radionics technologies.

With our equipment, i.e., the Chi Generators®, we have conducted double blind experiments. We demonstrated that equivalent structural links (abstractions such as an arbitrarily set rate in a radionics device, or an archetypal symbol) allow transfer of life force as effectively as near-identical links do.

On the other hand, traditional practitioners could have told us the same thing all along thousands of years ago!  All their work and experience have been based on the principle of life force transfer at any distance. They had the experience, therefore they needed no experimental proof.

Of life force we know that (1) it flows freely without significant loss of energy between identical structures, (2) it follows the principle of negative entropy, i.e., from the weaker potential to the stronger one until the stronger potential is saturated, and (3) it pulsates.

The second characteristic of life force can establish linkage if the connection is not exactly identical, even to the point of being pure abstractions (such as radionics settings, or "rates", symbols, mantras, or objects) that were established with the human brain focusing on trend or target. Life force automatically "searches out" the final target for which such an “abstraction” has been originally established with help of the human brain. This process is similar to heat traveling the “path of least resistance” (“preferring,” so to say, heat conducting materials) when following the law of entropy from higher potential to lower potential until a balance (equal potential) between the two is reached. The settings of the radionics device, then, would compare to ducts in a heating system.

On the typical radionics device, then, one link connects with the trend while the other link connects with the target. Both links being in the same place (the device), a connection builds between trend and target. With this connection between trend and target achieved, the trend energy will define actions of the target person. With additional mental targeting (intent), i.e., the use of trend energies of a more complex nature, such a connection can also take the aspect of a thought form. This means that, using abstractions and corresponding settings, you can achieve permanence after the original setup of the radionics device is discontinued.

Naturally you need sufficient life force, ideally from a Chi Generator®, to power up such a thought form and to keep it alive. Repeating the operation will then re-charge it. This procedure is certainly more efficient than leaving the traditional radionics device that lacks the massive supply of life force of a power radionics device turned on until the goal is achieved. The Chi Generator® that is built into the Power Radionics™ device and/or connected with the Power Radionics™ Program makes rapid results and the development of powerful thoughtforms possible. While the middle of the line devices are sufficient for personal use, the HD devices assure massive supply of life force for multiple simultaneous radionics operations.

By now it is obvious that the natural characteristics of life force makes radionics possible. For persons who are unaware of its basic functions (negative entropy and structuraltransfer), life force appears to be a “medium” that is “modulated” by trend energies which it then “carries” to the target. That assumption is as primitive as the assumption of some practitioners who kill chicken to “feed” their spirit servants.

Experienced traditional practitioners of all times in history knew very well this simple fact:  No action at a distance without life force!  Life Force carries the secret of positive permanent change and mind control at a distance.  Therefore, Life Force (Od) is the fuel of all action at a distance, including the comparably recent radionics!

The challenge that traditional practitioners faced, then, was to have access to large amounts of life force (many of them called it “psychic power”), to do effective work.  Their methods to generate life force have been as varied as the cultures and religions into which they were born. Some of the more advanced practitioners always knew how to draw life energy from the universe around them.  The majority of practitioners, however, used an array of other methods such as generating life force in one’s own body (tai chi), generating it by means of strong emotions, and by having groups dance or walk in circles.  Some traditions such as Voodoo and Santeria are still practicing animal sacrifice to cause strong releases of life force.

It is obvious by now that knowing how to generate massive amounts of life force makes action at a distance, including radionics, easy for any person! The Welz Chi Generator™ in your Power Radionics™ Device can do it for you!

To sum it all up: Structural Links and Life Force in Radionics

We have proven experimentally that life force transfers via structural links. The intensity, or power, of the transfer is determined by the similarity of the structural links involved, not by distance as we commonly understand it.

The same characteristic causes life force to appear as being a "carrier" of structural representations:  connect a structural link to a person (a target) with a structural link (or representation) of a trend energy, then you combine the two.  This is so, because within the life force universe the "distance" between the targeted trend and the targeted person is reduced to a factor close to zero.  As a result of a simultaneous life force transfer in both directions (target and trend) with the power radionics device at the "center of the action", so to say, the targeted person comes in direct contact with the targeted trend energy and the desired outcome will be effected accordingly.

A structural link is anything that connects with an object, target, or desire that allows a transfer of life force.  I like to use the term "structural link", because in the basic experiment (see the transfer test) we are using structures that for all practical purposes can be called "identical".  In this case, both structures are identical diagrams printed on paper.  Radionics goes one step further: the established radionics "rates" constitute equivalent structural links.  The equivalence is given by way of connection to the trend or target (or both) that happens simultaneously when the rate is established. 

We have proven experimentally that it is irrelevant whether such rates are established with the stick pad, with the pendulum or totally arbitrarily.  What's important is the simultaneousness of the process of establishing an equivalent structural link with a mental focus on the trend or target.  Establishing a radionics rate freezes, so to say, the mental focus into a numerical representation, or abstraction.

From "abstractions" let's now go now to near-identical structural links:  Shamans, psychics, priests, magicians, etc., of all ages used a variety of structural links, and many of them are also used by the radionics operator.

 Pictures, especially photos, are great structural links and much in use.

Magicians have also been using signatures, personal objects, clothing, blood, hair, etc. - and so do the radionics operators.

All of these objects have one thing in common.  They carry the genetic code of the target person, which is unique: either in relative large quantity (blood, hair) or in minute quantities such as skin rubbings on a signature, on clothing, and on other personal items.

If we focus mentally on some person, location, desired event, etc., our brain establishes a structural link: the abstraction that appears within the brain shows sufficient similarity with the actual object to allow a connection by means of life force.

For purposes of action at a distance such focusing has problems:  namely that we cannot focus to one and the same thing at all times.  This is so, because "moving around" is one of the main characteristics of our brain.

Therefore many of the more traditional training methods included methods to "freeze" these thought forms into objects, words, or actions that serve as structural links. "Magical objects" that are prepared with the intent to connect to a specific target, or trend, are such links.  A good example is the voodoo doll (we are full circle back to radionics).  So are sigils of all kinds (shamanic, religious and magical symbols) that are made (or sometimes "channeled") with a specific intent, or target, in mind.  Because of the processes of abstraction and focusing that are involved, we label these sigils or objects "equivalent structural links" as compared to the more obvious "near-identical" or "similar structural links" (such as the genetic code or photo)

Again, with our equipment, i.e., the Chi Generators®, we have proven experimentally that such equivalent structural links allow transfer of life force almost as effectively as near-identical links do.  In fact, quite often the equivalent links have decisive advantages over the near-identical version. This is especially the case with Runes.

We furnished experimental proof, but Rune Masters, priests, shamans or magicians could have told us the same thing all along thousands of years ago!  Practically all their work and experience are based on the principle of life force transfer at any distance and structural linkage.

If you connect a desired structure (a desired "trend") with a specific target such as a person, then there is an "influence" of this trend upon that person, i.e., the person has inclination towards the specified goal.  The envisioned result will manifest, especially when the person follows the line of least resistance, as is usually the case, and provided that there are no significant trends working at the same time that deny or block manifestation. Such an interference does also exist whenever the envisioned goal does not match the structure of the target person, i.e., if this goal constitutes a wish with a very low chance of manifestation.

A radionics device establishes non-fleeting structural links (contrary to the brain which has the characteristic of "moving around"), and so do "magical" objects, or sigils. 

In the eyes of the traditional shaman or magician, a radionics device appears to be a "universal magical sigil". It is a simple device that establishes structural links and holds these structures longer than our brain would.

Seen under this aspect, a radionics device is certainly not electronic equipment.  The potentiometers, variable capacitors, amplifiers, etc., simply are elements of this device that allow you to establish specific settings of the device, sometimes referred to as "rates" or "frequencies".  The word "frequency" as used in radionics has nothing to do at all with Hertzian frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum.  Because of the potential of serious mixing-up of these two meanings of "frequency", I do not like to use it in connection with radionics.  I prefer to use the words "rate" or "setting".

What counts for the success of a radionics operation is not the specific make-up of the device that you use to establish equivalent structural links, it is the amount of life force used for the operation, plus the sophistication, flexibility, and adaptiveness of the envisioned trend energies. Therefore a computer program is as good as a radionics device. Again, Runes add to this flexibility significantly, because of their creative characteristics.

It is obvious by now that the radionics device or the radionics program is a tool to establish equivalent structural links that connect to any desired target, trend, or both.  The advantage of the radionics device or the Rune Master Radionics Program over the traditional magical methods such as sigils, oils, dolls, etc., lies in the fact of its near-infinite flexibility.  Sigils, oils, etc., are designed for one thing and one thing only.  The radionics device, on the other hand, can be set up for any purpose.  It is universal.

Seeing radionics under this aspect, and after performing the life energy transfer test, I suggest that you examine (at your convenience) the many theories on the various radionics web sites that have been made to explain the workings of radionics.

If you want to get an even healthier laugh, check out those web sites, of course, where you find all the reasons why radionics supposedly does not work!  If it was up to those folks, humankind would not even have learned yet to swing stone axes or to live in caves.

Keep in mind: "at times the wrong assumption will lead to useful results faster than would the correct one" (Marconi assumed that EMF's follow the curvature of the Earth, hence he hurried to establish a transatlantic wireless communication.)

This can be said as well concerning the theories that I am presenting here.  If they are not wrong now, they certainly will be viewed this way at some later date, hopefully as a result of true scientific progress in radionics, not some form of partisanship.  To this point in time, my theories proved quite useful in developing new basic technologies and new, more effective and more flexible power radionics™ devices.

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