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A Gigantic Step into the Future !!!
Wilhelm Reich invented the orgone accumulator, a device that accumulated life force from its surroundings.
Karl Hans Welz invented the Orgone Generator®, the first device on the planet that actually generates life force

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Cosmic Creativity Concepts™

Now You Can work with the creative energies of the universe !!!

Rune-Radionics™ Technology
An advanced method of Super Radionics™ that is
rooted in the numerical system with the base 18:

the 18 Runes of the Armanen Futhork

   The Super Powers of Creation-Eternal
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Successful Mind Control

For those who know, Rune Radionics™ is the ultimate radionics experience !!!

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The Rune Master Radionics Program: the motor of Your Success!!!

Experience A Truly Amazing Test Now !!!

Before we go any further in telling you about
this extraordinary technology, we are going to show you that…

Life Force Bridges Any Distance!

The following can be the most amazing
experience you have ever had!!!

Some modern day experts in the field of radionics call the "black box" (another word for the radionics device) "the Voodoo doll of the modern age." Thinking of the power and versatility of radionics devices, this statement certainly seems not too far fetched. In fact, these experts may actually have understated the capabilities of radionics with this comparison!

... Is Radionics Magick ... ?

Now, let's look more deeply into what these experts say and compare radionics with the more traditional methods of action at a distance. For instance, I am certain that you have heard of "spells" that follow people halfway around the globe. Quite often the story goes that a skilled conjurer or shaman of their hometown had something in mind for them ... for good or for bad. Naturally, these people think they cannot escape this type of "magick", no matter how hard they try.

How is such powerful work done? In other words ...

  You want to know how this powerful action at a distance is done ...
  You want to understand how it is possible that spells can follow people for decades, even if they are thousands of miles away...
  You want to know it, because ...

  You want
the power to meet all your challenges, solve all problems, and be a total success in all matters!!!

In the following, you will experience how our amazing new technology, especially Rune Radionics™, makes all this possible for you !!!

You can actually experience the working of life force (Od) now as we show you that life force (ideally and effectively from a Welz Chi Generator™) is the source of power of all radionics work as it is for Rune Magick.  Therefore you are about to penetrate the most ancient of secrets (action at a distance), applied to a new science (radionics)! Now…Yours is the rare opportunity to have an eye-opening look into the workshop of the most powerful magicians, conjurers, and shamans.

Simply perform the following easy and truly amazing test!!!  This easy-to-do test can certainly help you make decisions that can put you on the way to positively change and greatly improve your life for the better!!!

The Test - for power, go into to get an individualized chi-card®, with additional instructions

Perform the following test to feel life energy at a distance and to gain the evidence that you always wanted: 
1. Print the transfer diagram (or print the whole page).
2. Put the diagram on a table or any other surface. It should not be on your knee or in direct contact with any large living organism.

3. Now hold the center of the palm of either of your hands approximately one inch (3 cm) above the printout of the diagram. Be sure that the open hand is relaxed
, not "stretched out"!

You may be surprised to feel something almost immediately:  either a slight tingling in your hand, a gentle cool breeze, or, as is the case with most people, an agreeable sensation of warmth in the center of your palm that can spread out from the palm…and…

Yes!!! You have just felt life force!!!

As we show in the course "Magic of the Future", it is life force, the "subtle energy," or "psychic power," that is used in all radionics, spiritual work, "magick", or shamanic practice. You can feel life force emanating from the printed diagram (some people even feel it off the screen!), because an identical diagram is in front of one of the Chi Generators® in our laboratories. The identical diagrams act as a structural link.  As a control experiment, hold the palm of your hand above any other surface. Life Force can be harnessed with technology!!!

The test works even better when you call (770) 783 0563 for an individualized hook-up or e-mail for further instructions to test energy transfer at any distance!!!

What this Extraordinary Test Tells You

You just have experienced first hand that which sensitive and powerful persons of all ages (among them tai chi masters, reiki masters, yogis, shamans, conjurers, magicians, and priests performing spiritual work) knew all along: namely that life force (chi, prana, mana, orgone, etc... every culture and language has its own name for the same energy) transfers at any distance.  Moreover, it transfers without loss of energy.  All that’s needed is the right structural link (some professionals prefer to call it “psychic link”) to establish contact!  This fact makes their work possible, even easy!  In fact, it is so easy that basically everybody is capable of working the "magic" of these professionals!  This has been one of the reasons why many of them decided to guard their powerful secrets like precious gems! Under no circumstances did they want to lose their lucrative sources of income. 

A Powerful Technology that is designed to Change your Life!

You have just personally experienced one of the most guarded secrets of all ages, namely the transfer of life force (“psychic energy”) at any distance!!!  More importantly:  you have just realized that many secrets of ancient cultures are  technology, yours to use!!! You have just experienced that the effects of any type of radionics, shamanic or spiritual work, such as changing your life for the better, can be achieved with ease with the help of technology!!!

By now it is obvious that this new powerful radionics technology can give you access to the power of these secrets...
for lifelong success and for positive permanent change !!!

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